Government Was Forced to Leave

President of Georgia was forced by MPs and public to dismiss all Ministers today. Parliamentary Chairman made announcement about resignation as well.

Earlier the day Parliamentary Chairman Zurab Zhvania stated he would leave his position in case Internal Affairs Minister Kakha Targamadze and General Prosecutor Gia Meparishvili would resign. The statement had an influence on the whole process occurred afterwards. Almost the total majority of MPs supported the Chairman and agreed with his position.  

The procedures developed very fast. Parliamentary special session was called November 1 because of the crisis occurred after agents of State Security Ministry entering Rustavi2 on October 30.

Together with that, public was gathered by the Parliament building starting from the early morning. Over 5,000 people grouped at the Rustaveli central avenue were demanding the resignation of the internal Affairs Minister, the General Prosecutor, and the President.

After Zhvania’s statement and pressure made by the public the Internal Affairs Ministry was actually forced to resign. The announcement made at the Parliamentary special session was followed by the President’s decision about dismissal of the whole executive branch and request that debates over the matter of constitutional amendments be swiftly initiated in the Parliament. 

In the wake of Targamadze’s resignation General Prosecutor made the same decision. He intended to talk about the legacy of actions implemented against independent TV Company Rustavi2 but wound up with stating about his resignation only.

The procedures automatically caused Zhvania’s resignation. Deputy Chairman Gigi Tsereteli took over his duty.

Series of resignations made protesters very happy. MP and ex-Justice Minister Mikheil Saakashvili who the people met with clapping and gladness congratulated the protesters with the first victory over the corrupted government. In spite of such development of events public protest participants do not intend to go home.

The protesters further demand is that President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze resign and pre-term elections be appointed. According to the constitution, in case of President leaving the position Parliamentary Chairman is to take over it.