… There Will Be War for Posts Now

Situation in Georgian is extremely escalated. Only one person, Eduard Shevardnadze, represents the country’s government. According to the widespread information, Kodori gorge, Abkhazia, is being bombed again meanwhile. The government is to be over established. Procedures occurred in Georgia yesterday is naturally the main theme of Georgian press today.

The Resonance

Head of the Parliament Zurab Zhvania made historical announcement yesterday, the Resonance says. “At the special session Zhvania accused Shevardnadze of dissociating from the public and having lost the ability to realistically assess the situation in the country. The announcement made MPs clap and express their satisfaction”, the paper tells.     

The Resonance also speaks about the excitement of MPs and demonstrators when they heard about the resignation of the whole government. The paper considers that Zhvania and his team revenged Shevardnadze when public gathered in front of the Parliament building where insisting that the President leave the position.

“In case the President resigns there will be no government official being eligible to say at least a word in the name of the state”, the Resonance reports and goes on to say that Shevardnadze is bewildered. He has no right to leave the post and at the same time the public asks for his resignation.

“Eduard Shevardnadze is responsible for the established situation. He used to say to the population that everything was going on well in the country”, Zurab Zhvania told the Resonance when he was asked about who was supposed to tell the public about extremity of the President’s resignation.

Everything is so confusing and the situation is so unclear that together with the uptight situation in Kodori gorge there is a danger that corrupted ministers will do their best to return to the new Cabinet of Minister. 

The paper spoke to common people. Many of them presume some forces might use the protester students for their advantage. Population should be awake and not allow such procedures to take place. According to the questioned, entrance of state security agents to the independent TV Company was just a reason for the population to protest the government.

The Dilis Gazeti

The Dilis Gazeti evaluates and analysis the situation as usual. “Recent occurrences, which only indifferent observers were happy about, made some forget about their past plans and made others be encouraged about the future”, it says.   

“Absence of the government and vacancy of the Parliamentary Chairman position lets us suppose that destabilization is still expected”. The paper claims that unseen war will start for the empty chairs soon. “Even though the emotional and patriotic enthusiasm expressed in front of TV cameras political deals are being made in the lobbies. The Parliament will decide the final results of the “revolution” only in case the street allows it to act independently.   

The paper is positive that the events occurred yesterday where not predetermined: “Yesterday’s Parliament session clearly showed that the story developed spontaneously and hardly anybody knew what the final result would be”.

Just like the Resonance the Dilis Gazeti points out that yesterday it was the first case when Zurab Zhvania publicly and directly criticized the President. “Zhvania states the present situation in the country is the result of the President avoiding the real problems”, the paper says.

According to the newspaper, resigned Zurab Zhvania and just an independent MP Mikheil Saakashvili will try to preserve the new “national movement” and create some guarantees for themselves. “Legal way out of the situation would be pre-term elections”, it says. It is obvious that the paper agrees with the idea that the street demonstrations were inspired by the young reformers wing.

The Akhali Taoba

“A new step in the new history of Georgia began yesterday… Governmental, parliamentary and social crisis found its peak in the series of resignations yesterday”, the Akhali Taoba says.

It assumes that state revolt actually occurred and it ended with concrete results in quite running conditions.

Unlike other papers the Akhali Taoba makes a sensational statement. President of Georgia is to join the series of resignations soon, it says. According to the paper’s source, Shevardnadze will make an announcement about him leaving the post with the motive of his worsened health.