Russia Against Shevardnadze

The Dilis Gazeti

(Tbilisi. November 7. Civil Georgia) The Dilis Gazeti talks about Russia’s attitude towards Georgia. The matter was wide covered in Georgian press several weeks ago.

Russia has been clearly expressing its negative attitude towards Georgia recently, which is obvious from the Russian press. “Information war led by Russian Mass Media against Georgia is nothing but an attempt to deepen conflict between the two countries”, the paper assumes.

The Dilis Gazeti tries to determine why such anti-Georgian statements are made by Russian Mass Media when Russian President Putin has been noting at his positive approach towards Georgia.

According to one point of view, Russian political establishment is not united. “It seems the President’s words is not an imperative for all the politicians (especially for special agencies and militaries)”, the paper says.

The second opinion talks about Russia’s double standards: Putin says nothing negative about Georgia and publicly expresses support to the country but, on the other hand, lets others disgrace Georgia. 

The Dilis Gazeti points out that nothing has been said about the meeting of Shevardnadze and Putin recently when the topic was very burning just some time ago. “Somehow a new personality concerning Russian-Georgian relations is shaped. That is Aslan Abashidze, leader of Adjara Autonomous Republic. Some politicians regard him to make some positive steps for settling affairs between the countries”.

The paper is pessimistic and says that Georgia and Russia will not have civilized, democratic relations in the nearest future.