Putin: Chechen Terrorists Get to Afghanistan through Georgia and Turkey

(Tbilisi, November 11, Civil Georgia) President Putin of Russia told the US journalists on the eve of his visit to the United States that he is ready to provide president Bush with “a list of terrorists who left Northern Caucasus through Georgia and Turkey” and are aiming to join Taleban troops.

Putin touched upon the theme of Chechen terrorists while claiming that Russia lost 3 thousand soldiers in Chechnya to fight the terror.

Analysts state that Putin is ready to offer the U.S. a compromise regarding the ABM treaty, while pressing for recognition of teh infamous Chechen campaign as a part of the global anti-terrorism drive.

Russian government repeatedly accused Georgia of providing safe haven to Chechen guerrillas. Turkey was mentioned in this context for the first time, interestingly on the wake of the visit of the Turkish President Sezer to Georgia.