Shevardnadze Against Radical Changes

The Dilis Gazeti; The Resonance

(Tbilisi. November 12. Civil Georgia) – The Parliament is to soon pass constitutional amendments about the Cabinet of Ministers. It should confirm new ministers before that.

According to the Dilis Gazeti, polish adviser Leszek Balcerowicz contacted the President of Georgia and gave several advises to him. “It is said that Balcerowicz’s statements were more than just advises. They sounded more like requests”, the paper says. 

Balcerowicz asked the President to reduce the number of ministries and unite some of them. Number of the ministries is supposed to be reduced from nineteen to twelve. It is unknown to the paper according to which principles and arguments the changes will occur.

Even though Shevardnadze claims he will definitely reduce the number of ministries experts presumes that large amendment are not expected anyway. “The President did not agree with his adviser about passing radical changes”, the Dilis Gazeti says in the article called “What Are All These Advisers for When My Own Opinion Is Enough”. 

“It is clear that just new Ministers will not modify conditions in the country”, the paper says.

The Resonance spoke to member of the parliamentary faction Industrialists Vakhtang Khmaladze about completing new government. Positions of factions concerning the appointment of new ministers are unpredictable at this stage, Khmaladze stated. He is positive that it will be hard for Shevardnadze to have the Parliament prove the Ministers eligible for him.