Session of the Bureau of the Parliament. November 12, 2001

On November 12 new chairwoman of Parliament Nino Burjanadze first time conducted bureau session.  She thanked her supporter MPs and hoped to have constructive cooperation despite of their political orientation.

Nino Burjanadze introduced procedures by which president has to represent parliament Security minister candidature on November 14 and entire government on November 15.   She also informed MPs on President’s decision on reduction ministry number.

Leader of “traditionalist” faction Akaki Asatiani declared that his faction is preparing changes in Regulation law referring to equalization of quorum 79 necessary for minister approval with quorum 118 essential for committee chairman endorsement.

Vasil Maglaperidze informed bureau on CUG faction decision:

  • Definition of minister approving quorum by 118;
  • Nessesity of reduction of number of parliamentary committees;
  • Presentations of President created commission conclusion referring to minister responsibility on budget sequester.

Parliamentary secretary of President Valeri Khaburzania informed that Tedo Isakadze conducts commission activity in Chancellery. He also declared that President had already signed changes and amendments to the bill on executive authority.

Kote Kemularia noted that he see not from Parliament and neither from President the will of systemic changes. In this case it’s necessary to appoint ministers with reformat image. In response of that Nino Burjanadze declared that Parliament would discuss Constitutional Changes in nearest future.  The head of committee on Legal Issues, the Legitimacy and Administrative Reforms Zurab Adeishvili noted nessesity of special commission creation, which will sum up all versions of Cabinet of Minister bills.

“Industry” with special bitterness fixed their position on conjectural minister candidates and noted that extraordinary resist will meet former ministers in Parliament.

Parliament chairwoman shared future working plan to bureau members. She will ask President to name candidatures beforehand, then will hold consultations with each faction and foretell president on general feelings. Finally, President has to decide whom to represent as a candidate. The minister candidates whose ministries should be under cancellation should be warned beforehand on their formal representation.

Bureau officially acknowledged coalition of “Traditionalist” and “New Abkhazia and Christian-Democrats”.

Parliament Chairwoman informed bureau, that before ministers are not approved parliament stops discussion of bills for a short time.