The AES TELASI Wants to Watch the Power System

The Dilis Gazeti; The Resonance

(Georgian Press Digest. 20.11.01. Civil Georgia) – “The upcoming winter clearly showed the defects of Georgian energy system even though from the very beginning of the fall group of power regulators were proudly telling us tales about sustained level of water and reservoirs full of oil”, the Dilis Gazeti says. Several suburb regions are left without electricity already. It is the fourth day the power is cut in the Finance Ministry building. 

The AES TELASI, company providing power to Tbilisi, is unable to guarantee the city around the clock electricity because of low frequencies. “The power system of the country cannot keep the energy parameters. It needs to be activated in parallel with Russian power system. In this case the frequencies will be equaled and power will be cut to those not paying the tax”, member of the power regulating commission of Georgia Paata Tsintsadze told the Resonance.

The American investor company asks for guarantees for supplying the city with around the clock electricity. In particular it wants to watch how the power system works in order to see that necessary amount of power in deed reaches the company. Only afterwards constant power will be provided to 100 percent taxpayers and it will be cut to others.

While the Resonance describes Georgian powers system without any comments the Dilis Gazeti actually criticizes the American investor company. “To tell the truth, the AES TELASI was to realize its promise about providing constant power to the taxpayers earlier. That is why the population is dubious about new assurances”, it says.