UN Special Envoy For Withdrawal of Georgian Army From Kodori

(Tbilisi. November 22. Civil Georgia) – UN special envoy in Georgia Deter Boden intends to ask Georgina government after the cabinet is formed to withdraw Georgian military units from Kodori gorge – the only territory in breakaway Republic of Abkhazia controlled by Georgia.

After visit to Sukhumi, capital of unrecognized republic, Deter Boden stated that the Abkhazian side will renew peace talks only after the withdrawal of Georgian solders from the gorge.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia also demands from Georgia to pull out its military units from Kodori according to the 1994 Moscow agreement. Defense Ministry of Georgia states that Georgian soldiers defend the Georgian population of the gorge and is against of military units withdrawal.

Additional military forces of Georgian army were dispatched into the gorge in October during the armed clashes between the Abkhazian fighters and combined Chechen-Georgian guerrillas.