Russia on Further Attack

The Dilis Gazeti

(Georgian Press Digest. 24.11.01. Civil Georgia) The Dilis Gazeti talks about the difficult circumstances formed concerning Kodori gorge. The Russian Federation relies on the agreement of the April of 1994 and demands that Georgian armed forces leave the place. De facto government of Abkhazian separatist Republic says its aviation will bomb Kodori “if Georgian armed forced do not leave the territory of Abkhazia”. (Kodori gorge is the only part of Abkhazian Autonomous Republic Georgian legislature is spread on). 

“The agreement was signed in Moscow with great effort of sly Pastukhov, head of the CIS countries committee in Russian Duma Council, and with the mediation of UN General Secretary Butros Butros Gali”, the paper says. It does not deny the agreement but points out that together with the withdrawal of armed forces security of the local population should be also be guaranteed. 250 Georgian soldiers were driven in Kodori gorge in order to defend local Georgians from airbombing, which was repeatedly occurring at that time, the paper says. 

The Dilis Gazeti notes that inspiration of civil war in Georgia is greatly discussed in Moscow nowadays. “It can be easily encouraged by ethnic cleansing and air attacks on Georgian villages”, the paper presumes. Judging from the article it may be said that the paper regards Georgia to weak to resist increasing pressure from the side of Russia and separatist Republic of Abkhazia.

“Through objective and emotionless analysis of the situation it can be found that actual danger poses threat to Kodori”, the paper says and talks about Russia’s huge role in it.