Shevardnadze not for Russian Peacekeepers Withdrawal Any More

(Tbilisi. December 1. Civil Georgia) – Shevardnadze is not for hastening of Russian peacekeepers withdrawal from the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone any more.

Although the Parliament of Georgia pass the resolution demanding peacekeepers’ withdrawal, the President should take the final decision, Eduard Shevardnadze stated after the meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimer Putin on November 30.

On October 11 the Georgian Parliament pass the resolution stating that the further presence of the Russian peacekeepers in Abkhazia is inappropriate. President Shevardnadze supported the resolution and stated that he will do his best to replace Russians with the international peacekeeping troops as soon as possible. 

Russian peacekeepers are deployed across the boarder of Abkhazia and the rest of Georgia since the mid-1994, under auspices of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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