Russian Authorities: Arrested Arab Warlord Connected to the Abduction Cases in Georgia

(Tbilisi. December 1. Civil Georgia) – Aide of the rebel leader Khattab Abu Sayah, captured by Federal forces in Chechnya on November 30, was involved in abductions of people in Georgia, whom the bandits further hid in the Pankisi gorge, demanding ransoms from their relatives, Interfax reports quoting well-informed source in the Russian Defense Ministry on December 1.

On Friday, President Putin announced that Sayah was connected to the terrorists harboring in Pankisi.

Two Spanish and two Georgian citizens are detained in Pankisi gorge by the kidnappers at the moment.

Georgian law enforcement agencies state that the Georgian-Chechen combined criminal groups are organizing abductions. Georgian police could not arrest any of the kidnapping suspects so far.  

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