Spanish Businessmen Say no Ransom Paid For Their Release

(Tbilisi. December 9. Civil Georgia) – Jose Antonio Treminio and Francisco Rodriguez released from abduction on December 8 stated today that their relatives paid no ransom to the kidnappers.

In September Spanish newspaper the El Mundo reported that the brother of one of the Spanish businessmen paid a part of the ransom on September 2.  

“Kidnappers were regularly relocating us from one place to another. We ate only brad and drank water,” Spanish businessmen say.

Kidnappers are not arrested. Police refuses to report any detail concerning the case.

Both of them will retune in Spain on December 10. Jose Antonio Treminio and Francisco Rodriguez thanked Georgian officials for doing their best to release them and stated that they will never visit Georgia again.   

Two Spaniard businessmen were abducted on November 30, 2001 in Tbilisi, Georgian capital. Kidnappers detained them in Pankisi gorge, where two Georgian citizens still remain held by the kidnappers