“Political Embodiment of Shapeless”

The Dilis Gazeti

(Georgian Press Digest. Civil Georgia. 10.12.01.) – In the article called “What People Expected from Shevardnadze and What They Got” the Dilis Gazeti talks about present Georgian society, the Reformers team and preliminary parliament elections.

The paper assumes that in the conditions of existing social and economic crisis it is very easy to manipulate the society’s point of view. “Human way of thinking is in crisis meaning that it is oriented on instinctive requirements, it is aggressive, and lacks critical thinking”, the paper says and concludes that culturally and politically disoriented society does not have a real criteria of assessing the event development.

The Dilis Gazeti talks about two possible reasons of the Reformers wing disassociating from the President. According to the first one, Reformers developed on the President’s orbit could not influence political processes as much as they wished to do. According to the second one, they try to leave their political beliefs and thus obtain the people’s support, which the paper regards as nonsense.  

The Dilis Gazeti considers that insisting on preliminary parliament election is the only way for the Reformers to stay in power. It believes that totally faceless political groups and coalitions will be created in case of preliminary elections nowadays. “Division of spheres of influence after coming to power will put the existing unsteady stability under a big question mark. Political and governmental crisis created afterwards will be much more distractive than it is now”. Election campaign will greatly uptight resistance between political powers and make the society more and more involved in this process, the paper assumes.

“Maintaining the existing status quo of the governmental and political system would be the most favorable way to follow but only in case the President and all the political forces would express their will to reach consensus”, the paper presumes and later goes on to say that the government serving Georgian society is a political embodiment of shapeless.