Various Factions Bid for Control over CUG

(Tbilisi. December 10. Civil Georgia) – Head of the Dmanisi regional organization of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia Party made a statement today asking that General Secretary of the party Edvard Surmanidze leave the position.

Disagreement in the party has got deeper since Edvard Surmanidze put Muhmadov from Dmanisi region out of the election list and as a result another party member occupied a vacant MP post.

Head of the Alliance for New Georgia faction Irakli Gogava opposed Surmanidze because of the same reason. Gogava is also the CUG party member. The faction is regarded as a political foster child of the governor of Kvemo Kartli region Levan Mamaladze.

Session of the CUG party is planned on December 22. Former head of the parliament Zurab Zhvania and other members of the party regarded as reformers state it is necessary to cleanse the party.

It is expected that they will face resistance by governor Levan Mamaladze’s political group.