Framework Agreement is being Shaped

The Resonance; The Dilis Gazeti

(Georgia Press Digest. Civil Georgia. 21.12.01.) – Russian side coordinator of the framework agreement (see “The Innovated Framework Agreement” 16.11.01) between Georgia and Russia Boris Pastukhov officially meets Georgian President and the Foreign Affairs Minister in Tbilisi, Georgia today.

The Resonance points out the fact that Boris Pastukhov who was famous with anti-Georgian position now heads the state commission from the Russian side. It notes that the majority of 26-member commission on the agreement is communist.

“This kind of preparation from Russia already makes it clear that ratification of the new framework agreement may be delayed just like the pervious one. It seems from the very beginning that Russian version of the agreement may be in contradiction with Georgia’s state interests”, the paper assumes.

Pastukhov plans to have an unofficial meeting with leader of the Socialist party Vakhtang Rcheulishvili, who is famous with his firm pro Russian orientation.

The framework agreement between Georgia and Russia was first outlined in 1994 but it was not enforced since the Russian Duma Council refused to ratify it. “Georgia had been waiting for the following six years that Russia would agree to ratify this basic agreement between the two states”, the Resonance tells.

According to state officials, inexistence of the agreement was the reason of aggravated relations between Georgia and Russia. Georgian President made an initiative last year about shaping a new version of framework agreement. Russia agreed on it after having received two notes from Georgian Foreign Affairs Ministry.