Vital Power Line not Restored due to Heavy Snowfalls

(Tbilisi. January 6. Civil Georgia) – Georgian Fuel-Energy Ministry says it is impossible to repair high-voltage power line Kavkasioni damaged on January 2, which is used for supplying electricity from Russia to Georgia, because of heavy snowfalls.

To make up electricity shortfall, caused by the damages of two units of the AES-Mtkvari thermal power station and power line Kavkasioni, Georgia receives 50 megawatts from Azerbaijan and 130 megawatts from Armenia per day, Inguri hydroelectric power station, western Georgia, shared with the breakaway province of Abkhazia, is running at its full capacity as well. 

Anyway this amount of electricity is not enough. Approximately 600 megawatt is needed for the Georgian capital Tbilisi per day. Currently electricity is supplied only to the most vital facilities of Tbilisi.