Environment Protection Ministry Asks for Finances to Liquidate Radiation Source

(Tbilisi. January 8. Civil Georgia) – Environment and Natural Resources Minister Nino Chkhobadze asks Finance Ministry for 40,000 Lari (approximately $18,000) for liquidation of radiation source found in Tsalenjikha region, western Georgia.

“We need this sum of money to obtain special containers to take the radiation source out of the forest near village Lia, Tsalenjikha region,” Nino Chkhobadze stated on January 8.

Health and Social Welfare Ministry also urges for additional finances. 60,000 Lari is needed for treatment of three villagers exposed to radioactive source in December 2001.

Experts from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) cannot examine radiation source, which is believed to be strontium 90, because of the heavy weather in the region. IAEA representatives arrived in Georgia on January 5.

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