State Security Minister in Pankisi Gorge

(Tbilisi. January 10. Civil Georgia) – Georgian State Security Minister Valeri Khaburdzania meets Pankisi population in Akhmeta, eastern mountainous region of Georgia, to discuss situation in Pankisi gorge, where kidnappers detain two abducted man at the moment.

Authorities of the region also participate in the meeting. Local population criticizes law enforcers and state that they cannot eradicate criminal’s activity in Pankisi gorge.

Relatives of abducted monk Basil Machitadze, together with approximately 50 members of the Union of Combatants Fighting in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war are protesting in the entrance of Pankisi gorge, demanding monk’s release.

Kidnappers demand one million USD ransom from the monk’s relatives.

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