Georgian Guerrillas Set an Ultimatum

(Tbilisi, January 21, Civil Georgia) – Georgian guerrillas say that in case the Russian Peacekeepers participate in the punitive operations against the Georgian population they will open fire to the peacekeeping troops.

Members of the guerrilla groups joined the protests of the displaced persons from Abkhazia, who demand opening of the only link between the Abkhazia and the rest of Georgia – Enguri bridge.

They also demand relocation of Russian peacekeepers, deployed in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone under the auspices of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), deeper into the Abkhazian territory at Galidzga river.

Georgian guerrillas and IDP organization “Gali” accuses Russian peacekeepers in participating in the punitive operation against Georgian population living in Gali district of Abkhazia on January 14, when one Georgian died and several were arrested.