Parliament Sessions Weekly Review, Special Session. January 16-18, 2002


1. Draft project on ” state Budget 2002 of Georgia”

State minister Avtandil Jorbenadze discussed the bill generally. He regretted that government could take to account only part of Parliament proposals. Jorbenadze noted that Budget income part have been increased by 25 million GEL. State minister hoped that new Tax Code now preparing by special commission would be base for optimal budget in future. 

Finance minister Zurab Nogaideli officially represented Budget 2002 project to MPs. The following paragraphs were taken to account in budget in result of agreement between government and parliament: investigation fund with 10 million GEL will help development small and midsize business and creation of new working places; land tax was reduced by 50% in mountainous regions; the improvement of teachers’ salary by 15-20% is planed in September 2002.

The chairman of committee on Tax and Revenue Vitali Khazaradze informed government committee comments and asked to take to account maximally for the second hearing of budget. Khazaradze demanded special funds of ministries to attach to central budget; reduction of funds planned from privatization to avoid sequester in 2002 year taking to account experience of budget 2001; foreign grants and aids to be fixed in budget separately from each other as credits. Committee also applied Control Chamber to pay special attention to president investigation fund expenditures in report on budget fulfillment.

The chairman of committee on Defense and Security Gia Baramidze criticized budget where 37 million GEL is directed on encouragement of Tax-Revenue ministry staff and Defense sphere is given 38 million GEL only. 

Budget law was under pressure of MPs criticism during three days. Faction leaders fixed negative positions on represented budget. Each of them agreed that if government is not able to fulfill budget during four months than the issue of responsibility will rise. 

Chairwoman of Parliament conducted rating voting.

For – 120 
Against – 27

Despite of risk factor Budget 2002 was voted and passed by I hearing.

For – 132 
Against – 21

2. Draft project on “changes and amendments to the bill on “Budget System and budget authority”

Finance minister Zurab Nogaideli represented the bill.

Changes refer to separation of responsibility. Tax-Revenue ministry will be responsible for tax incomes fulfillment and Finance ministry for other revenues and on expend.

It was voted by simplified rule.

For – 118 
Against – 6

3. Draft project on “changes and amendments to the Tax code of Georgia”

It was voted by simplified rule.

For – 122 
Against – 2

4. Draft project on “MP life and health compulsory insurance and pension guarantying”

It was voted by I hearing. 

For – 139 
Against – 9