Insurance Company Sues Deputy General Prosecutor

(Tbilisi, January 22, Civil Georgia) – Insurance company Aldagi sued deputy general prosecutor Badri Bitsadze (former chief military prosecutor) for libel on January 22.

One of the founders of the company is MP Davit Gamkrelidze, member of the New Rightist Wing faction, demanding Bitsadze’s resignation, as he is Parliamentary Chairperson Nino Burjanadze’s husband.

The faction believes that the Bitsadze’s appointment on the post of the deputy general prosecutor caused concentration of too much power in a single family.

Bitsadze states the Military Prosecutor’s Office investigates the case of appropriation of money from the Defense Ministry by the insurance company Aldagi; “this is the reason why of Gamkrelidze wants me to resign, as he holds shares in the company” Badri Bitsadze states.

Davit Gamkrelidze and the New Rightist Wing faction denies Bitsadze’s statement and claims that their demand has nothing common with the investigation of Aldagi case.

Badri Bitsadze was a Chief Military Prosecutor before he was appointed on the post of the Deputy General Prosecutor on December 10, 2001.