Georgian MFA Spokesman Slams Russian Media Sources

(Tbilisi, January 25, Civil Georgia) – Spokesmen on Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kakha Sikharulidze says the reports by the Russian news agencies Interfax and Itar-Tass concerning the UN Secretary General’s report on situation in Abkhazia is “a provocation and misinformation.”

On January 24 Russian media sources reported on the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan demand from the Georgian side to withdraw troops from upper Kodori gorge – the only territory in breakaway region of Abkhazia controlled by the Georgian government.

The UN Secretary General’s report says that the tensions remain high with the continuing presence of Georgian troops in the upper Kodori gorge and the uncertainty over the mandate of the peacekeeping force from the Commonwealth of Independent States.

“UN Secretary General recommends and does not demand from Georgia to pull out troops out [from Kodori],” Kakha Sikharulidze stated on January 25.

Foreign Affairs Ministry’s spokesman stated that reports by Russian news agencies act to pressure Georgia.