Shevardnadze: UN Resolution on Abkhazian Conflict is Historically Significant

(Tbilisi, February 4, Civil Georgia) – In his traditional Monday radio broadcast on February 4, President Shevardnadze analyzed the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council on January 31 and concluded that it is the most important document ever adopted by the UN on Abkhazian conflict. 

The document on “Basic Principles for the Distribution of Competences between Tbilisi and Sukhumi [capital of breakaway Republic of Abkhazia]” aims to facilitate UN-led negotiations between the parties on the status of Abkhazia within the State of Georgia.

“This is the first document adopted by the UN saying that the conflict in Abkhazia can be solved only if the Georgian territorial integrity is restored,” President Shevardnadze stated.

Eduard Shevardnadze announced that Georgia agreed to prolong Russian peacekeepers’ mandate because of this document.