Sukhumi Refuses to Follow UN Recommendation

(Tbilisi, February 6, Civil Georgia) – “I did not expect, that the Abkhazian side would agree with the UN Security Council’s recommendations,” UN Secretary General’ special representative to Georgia Dieter Boden stated on February 5 after he arrived from Sukhumi, capital of breakaway Republic of Abkhazia.

In Sukhumi Dieter Boden held talks with the representatives of unrecognized Republic’s government. Yet the Abkhaz side is refusing to discuss the document adopted by the UN Security Council on January 31 on Abkhazia’s status within Georgia.

Dieter Boden said after visiting Sukhumi that the Abkhazian side’s attitude towards the UN recommendation is not positive.

UN special envoy to Georgia will inform UN Secretary General’s Group of Friends on Georgia (Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia and the United States) concerning the Abkhazians’ position to discuss further steps to overcome the problem.    

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