Georgian and IAEA Experts Discuss Secure of Radioactive Sources

(Tbilisi, February 7, Civil Georgia) – On February 6 experts from International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] together with the Georgian officials initiated consultations on measures to ensure the longer term safe and secure storage of radioactive sources in Georgia.

The plans for locating and recovering any other discarded sources that could pose potential dangers will be discussed as well.

On February 3 experts of the Georgian radiation security service removed two powerful sources of radiation from Tsalenjikha district, western Georgia. International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] experts supervised the removal of Strontium 90.

Three men who apparently were unaware of the dangers the sources posed to them found the sources in December 2001.

Georgia is one of more than 50 countries participating in a large IAEA technical assistance project to upgrade national capabilities for the safety and security of radioactive sources.