Abashidze Discussed New Ways of Abkhazian Settlement with Russian Officials

(Tbilisi, February 9, Civil Georgia) – “Abkhazian conflict can be solved only with the combined efforts of Georgian and Russia,” Georgian President’s personal representative in Abkhazian settlement, Adjarian leader Aslan Abashidze stated after the meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister on February 8.

Abashidze said he discussed “new ways of the dialogue and the progress towards the key goal, political settlement,” at negotiations with Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov.

New trends are occurring in the Georgian-Russian relations, Abashidze announced. He said that two counties “should return to their historical relations that will be advantageous for the both states, first and foremost Georgia”.

This is the first talk on Abkhazia in which Head of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara Aslan Abashidze takes part since his appointment as a President’s personal representative in Abkhazian conflict settlement last November.