State Minister and UN Envoy Hold Negotiations in Sukhumi

(Tbilisi, February 11, Civil Georgia) – Georgian State Minister Avtandil Jorbenadze and UN special envoy in Georgia Dieter Boden arrived in Sukhumi, capital of breakaway Republic of Abkhazia, on February 11.

Georgian authority and UN envoy are to meet Anri Jergenia, Prime Minister of unrecognized Abkhazian Republic.

Abkhazian side refuses to follow UN resolution of January 31, calling Sukhumi to start negotiation to determine Abkhazian status within the Georgian state. 

Avtandil Jorbenadze intends to meet protesters at Enguri River, after visiting Sukhumi. Internally displaced persons demanding Russian peacekeepers’ withdrawal from the conflict zone, say that they will dissolve only after meeting with the State Minister.

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