Commission Formed to Work Over Abkhazian Problem

(Tbilisi, February 11, Civil Georgia) – At the meeting with President Shevardnadze on February 11 leaders of the Parliamentary factions agreed to form a commission which will work over the Abkhazian status.

MP, as well as representatives from the executive government will form the commission.

Parliamentarians demanded from the President to explain his decision concerning the prolongation of Russian peacekeeping forces’ mandate in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone.

Last October the Parliament adopted a resolution demanding Russian peacekeepers withdrawal.

The part of the faction leaders were not satisfied with the meeting, especially Kote Kemularia, chairman of Movement for Democratic Reforms faction and Giorgi Targamadze, chairman of United Georgia faction.

Kote Kemularia stated that he is dissatisfied with the meeting because the President could not explain his decision to prolong Russian peacekeepers withdrawal.