Russia Calls Georgia for Combating Terrorism

(Tbilisi, February 12, Civil Georgia) – “We hope that Georgia will take effective measures to crackdown on terrorism on its territory,” Russian Defense Minister Sergey Ivanov stated at the news conference on February 12 Russian news agency Interfax reports.

The Minister said that Russia is concerned with the events in Pankisi gorge, where Chechen fighters and terrorists are harboring.

Rebels in Chechnya receive financial and communication support from Pankisi , Ivanov stated.

Russia will continue to watch the events taking place in the Pankisi gorge very closely, Russian Defense Minister announced.

Georgia admitted recently that there are fighters among the Chechen refugees living in Pankisi gorge.

Georgian authorities are against Russia’s military assistance to fight the criminals and terrorists harboring in the northeastern mountainous region of Georgia. 

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