Russian Experts Visit Georgia on Chechen Refugees Repatriation

(Tbilisi, February 14, Civil Georgia) – Representatives of Russian Emergency Ministry visit Georgia on February 14 to hold a detail consultation with the Georgian authorities on Chechen refugees’ repatriation living in Pankisi gorge, northeastern Georgia.

Emergency deputy minister Yuri Brazhnikov leads the Russian delegation.

Georgian Internal Affairs Minister Koba Narchemashvili stated on February 13, that there is group of people in Pankisi gorge that aims to hinder refugee repatriation process.

Georgian State Security Minister Valeri Khaburdzania stated on February 9 that Georgia cannot guarantee security of Russian experts in case they visit criminal-ridden Pankisi gorge.

More then 7,000 refugees from Chechnya live in Pankisi gorge at the moment. 

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