USA Sends Troops to Georgia?

(Tbilisi, February 23, Civil Georgia) – “Two U.S. aircraft landed in Georgia yesterday, likely setting the stage for a new U.S.-led counterterrorism operation against al-Qaida and Chechen militants in the Pankisi Gorge,” Texas-based Strategic Forecasting intelligence consulting firm, also known as Stratfor reports on February 22.

Georgian Defense Ministry did not confirm the information so far. The Ministry says that only US military experts are to visit Georgia by the end of the February.

Georgian broadcasting company Rustavi 2 reports that US military experts will arrive in Georgia in the nearest days to train one of the units of Defense Ministry.

US ambassador to Russia Aleksandr Vershbow stated on February 22 that “the US government intends to supply military equipment to help Georgia to control its territory and borders.”

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Terror war expands to Georgia