National Security Council Secretary Dead

Secretary of National Security Council of Georgia Nugzar Sajaia committed suicide on February 25, at 11:30 a.m. in his own cabinet at the State Chancellery.

He was found shot with one bullet in his head. Sajaia was hospitalized. Georgian Ministry of Health has already confirmed that Nugzar Sajaia died. “It was a suicide attempt as a result of the moral terror [against Sajaia],” Georgian President Shevardnadze stated.  

Recently MP Boris Kakubava accused Nugzar Sajaia in an attempt at assassination of Aslan Abashidze Head of the Adjara Autonomous Republic.

The suicide is thought to be related to the accusation. Nugzar Sajaia denied accusations last week and requested investigation from the Prosecutor General. 

Georgian General Prosecutor’s Office investigates death of the Secretary of National Security Council. Deputy General Prosecutor Badri Bitsadze stated that the case is initiated for “bringing to the point of suicide” (Criminal Code of Georgia, article 115).

Kakubava stated after the accident that his accusation has nothing common with the suicide. “I have nothing common with all of this. Those who are not able to justify their innocence will share the same fate,” MP Kakubava stated commenting an incident.

Kakubava does not believe in the version of suicide and claims that Sajaia was assassinated.

Majority of the Georgian Politicians connect an incident with the accusations against Nugzar Sajaia.

“I think the well-planned defamation campaign against him caused the suicide,” Parliamentary Chairperson Nino Burjanadze stated. She said that accident is a great tragedy for the country.

Elene Tevdoradze, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, stated today that she intended to meet Nugzar Sajaia on February 25 to discuss the accusations against him.

“We have already talked on the issue on February 22 and I told him [Sajaia] what could be the source of the accusation and the libel against him,” Elene Tevdoradze stated, but she refused to specify details of the talk.

“I do not want to blame someone, but it is evident that defamation campaign against him caused the suicide,” MP Mikheil Saakashvili stated.

60-year-old Nugzar Sajaia was on the post of the Secretary of the Georgian National Security Council since 1995. Although he held one of the most important posts in the country Sajaia maintained an extremely low public profile. Sajaia was also thought of as a person personally loyal to Shevardnadze.