No Military Operation in Pankisi – Georgian Officials Say

(Tbilisi, February 27, Civil Georgia) – “There is no talk on military operation,” Georgian Deputy Defense Minister Gela Bezhuashvili stated on February 27, commenting visit of US military delegation to Georgia.

Bezhuashvili said that delegation of US Department of States will discuss with the Georgian side details of assistance program aiming to raise capability of Georgian army and no joint military operation in Pankisi gorge is on the agenda.

Georgian State Security and Defense Ministries denied reports of the Washington Post that US government intends to open a new front in the war on terrorism in Pankisi gorge.

“Even such a newspaper like the Washington Post sometimes mix reality with fantasy,” Georgian President’s spokesman Kakha Imnadze told Rustavi 2 TV company, commenting the report of the Washington Post.

Full Story from the Washington Post:
U.S. Begins Anti-Terror Assistance in Georgia