Parliament Sessions Weekly Review. February 28-March 1, 2002


Parliament took decision to discuss Russian-Georgian relations’ difficulties. The minister of Foreign Affairs Irakli Menagarishvili made information on plenary session.

Minister noted that “anti-Georgian hysteria” begun in Russian officials and mass media on February 27 need to be answered. Menagarishvili declared that USA-Georgian cooperation in military-security sphere systematically goes on in frames of “Train and Equip Program” and Russia is informed of that. He expressed – “Georgian government will try the best to resolve Pankisi problem with bringing local structures with USA assistance to the condition to put an end to the problem themselves”. Minister declared that Russia had no objective reasons to worry about as Georgian antiterrorist campaign coincides with their interests also.  

Ex-chairman of parliament Zurab Zhvania asked government to express more critical reaction in created situation. Russia Duma’s Foreign Affairs committee planned sitting discussing Abkhazia and South Osethia connection to Russia is direct aggression towards Georgia. According to Zhvania – “nobody has right to make agiotage because of 20 American military, whose mission is to neutralize Russia created myth on Bin Laden as though being in Georgia”.

The chairman of faction “Traditionalist” Akaki Asatiani initiated Chechnya acknowledgement as independent republic in case if Russian Duma discusses Abkhazia and South Osethia connection to Russia.

Parliament passed the statement that reflects Georgian parliament adequate reaction on anti-Georgian campaign in Russia.

1. Draft project on “registration taxes”

Finance minister Zurab Nogaideli represented the bill.

IT was discussed by II hearing.

For – 101 
Against – 1

2. Resolution decree on “acknowledgement authority of MP Mikael Mahmudov on place of Davit Magradze”

For – 100 
Against – 14

3. Draft project on “changes and amendments to the law on “creative workers and creative unions”

MP Revaz Mishveladze represented the bill.

For – 98 
Against – 5

4. Draft project on “amendments to the bill on “children and youth unions state support”

The chairman of Youth State Department Zurab Gaiparashvili represented the bill.

For – 100 
Against – 6


1. Resolution decree on “main directions of Georgia credit and monetary policy in 2002”

The chairman of Budget-Finance committee Zaza Sioridze and President of National Bank of Georgia Irakli Managadze represented resolution decree.

For – 109 
Against – 15

2. Resolution decree on “main directions of High Education Development in Georgia”

MP Nodar Grigalashvili represented resolution decree.

Redacting commission perfected the document with the assistance of Rector council for the second hearing. Ministry of education also had to participate in commission working but they reduced. Despite of it ministry represented conclusion on document, which according to Grigalashvili is incompetent and scoffer character.

Faction “XXI century” was very critical towards document because of lack national soul in concept.

Minister of Education Aleko Kartozia opposed resolution decree also. He demanded discussion postponement and accused some parliamentary forces in support of low-grade project.

Severe tone of minister caused indignation in MPs. They didn’t share idea of Kartozia that project authors have personal interest in getting grant from Soros Fund.

Finally parliament passed resolution decree by II hearing.
For – 83 
Against – 37

3. Draft project on “changes and amendments to the bill on “orphan and parents’ care lack children adoption”

The chairman of subcommittee on mothers and children and family development Nana Bichuiashvili represented the bill.

It was discussed by simplified rule.

For – 140 
Against – 2

4. Draft project on “changes and amendments to the bill on “entrails of the earth”
The minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection Nino Chkhobadze represented the bill.

It was discussed by III hearing.

For – 119 
Against – 6

5. Draft project on “amendment to Administrative Code of Georgia”

The chairman of committee on Legal Issues, the Legitimacy and Administrative Reforms Zurab Adeishvili represented the bill.

It was discussed by simplified rule.

For – 124 
Against – 4

6. Draft project on “changes and amendments to Tax code of Georgia”

The deputy chairman of tax-revenue committee Roman Dalakishvili represented the bill.

It was discussed by simplified rule.

For – 122 
Against – 8

7. Draft project on “amendment to labor code”

Chairwoman of Parliament Nino Burjanadze represented the bill.

March 8, International day of women also acknowledged by UN was declared holiday officially.

For – 120 
Against – 19

8. “Ratification of Environment Global Fund treaty (protected territories development project)

For – 120 
Against – 13