“I was 17 years old when my family contacted well-known and trusted mediator agency, which organized a study tour in New York for me. One parliament member was also involved for more trust. In the US two Georgian representatives of another well-known and trusted agency Mr. J.T. and Mr. S. met me and sent me to a college. I signed a contract, which was saying that I would work along with my studies. Three happy months passed. At that time I already had very little money left. They refused to give me more money and said that I must not even think of continuing my studies.

They put me in such conditions that I could not refuse their proposal. They were sending me people who delicately and gradually enticed me to the prostitution. But I preferred to return back to Georgia rather accepting this. But they intimidated me, saying that they would offend my family and they would never find jobs if I refuse. They also told me that they’ll beat my family members, or poison them and me with gas and that I simply do not have any other choice.

After one month they finally converted me. I was brought to a beautiful two-storied house in the countryside, protected with many armed men (mostly Russian and Georgian). There were 200 girls, among them 60 were Georgian, others were from Yugoslavia, Check Republic and Russia. They promised us 2500 dollars every month and rich customers, such bank managers and hotel owners.

We lived in separate rooms with video cameras and microphones mounted to overhear our conversations. We never made friends with other girls, we were afraid of each-other and preferred more official relations. We permanently were under narcotics, such as cocaine, heroine and marijuana. They were making drugs to us forcefully. We were feeling strangely free. We’ve been receiving customers every 5 hours and the whole process was taped, probably for sell. The guards were following us everywhere. I think they were making big money from this business because the hotel was full with the best equipment and closely guarded.” – (A quote from an article, published in “Kviris Palitra” Newspaper of May 7-13, 2001)