Moscow Concerned Over Abkhazia

(Tbilisi, March 21, Civil Georgia) – Russian National Council Secretary Vladimer Rushailo at the press conferees on March 21, that there is real possibility of armed clashes in Abkhazia.

Earlier today Russian Foreign Ministry issued statement accusing Georgia protecting terrorist groups, which Georgian officials call guerrillas.

Russian Parliamentarians also expressed concern over the situation in breakaway Abkhazia.

Chairman of Russian Duma Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Dmitri Ragozin stated that recent attack on Russian peacekeepers and their abduction on March 18 is the attempt to aggravate situation in the conflict zone.

Russia officials’ statements concerning situation in Abkhazia became radical since the US government announced about its intention to send up to 150 military instructors to train Georgian ant-terrorist units.

Many Russian politicians claim that Georgia will use these units in the conflict against breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia.