The Parliament of Georgia expresses its indignation with the Russian federation’s recent intensified unti-Georgian propaganda and considers such development of relations between two neighboring states as inadmissible.

The irresponsible expressions of single politicians were concluded by the statement of the Duma  of the Russian Federation of March 6, 2002 “On the Situation Existing in Georgia – Relating to the US Military Involvement on Its Territory”.

Unfortunately Russia’s legislative body inadequately understood Georgia’s intention to reinforce own military forces with the support of the USA and to contribute to the fight against international terrorism.

The statement made in this regard by Russia’s Duma is a clear threat against Georgia’s territorial integrity, the attempt of rude interference in its internal affairs and the demonstration of the fact that Russia considers Georgia not as a friendly independent country but as a sphere of own influence.

The Parliament of Georgia considers absolutely inadmissible such position of Russia’s Duma and declares that Georgia’s decision is based on the right of each sovereign state to determine own foreign and domestic policy. By means of the mentioned decision Georgia joined the inspiration that perceives the whole world including Russia since 11th of September 2001.

The action, planned by Georgia and the USA will be an essential precondition for the peace settlement in the Caucasus. This will improve and extend Russian-Georgian relations.

The statement of the Russia’s Duma, made as a reaction on the abovementioned that it will cooperate with self-declared republics of “Abkhazia” and “South Osetia” and “will unilaterally adopt decision for the security of Russian Federation’s border, including cooperation with Abkhazia and South Osetia”, is a expression of suspicions from Russia regarding Georgia’s territorial integrity and the support to separatists. It is against the principal of good neighborhood between the countries, as well as against the norms of international law. Such statements can be perceived only as a preparation of political environment for the implementation of aggression against Georgia.

It is evident that the statement of Russian Federation’s Duma of March 6, 2002 impedes bilateral good neighborly and friendly relations and, unfortunately, violates the agreement that was principally observed by the legislative bodies of the both countries during the last month and that was a considerable step forward on the way to the settlement of acute problems.

The Parliament of Georgia calls for the Russia’s Duma to continue the cooperation.

The Parliament of Georgia considers inadmissible the destructive development of Russian-Georgian relations and applies to the UN, OSCE, the Council of Europe, the EU, the CIS and all the friendly countries to give appropriate evaluation to the statement of the Russian Federation’s Duma, so as to avoid aggression against Georgia.

The Parliament of Georgia takes into consideration and respects legitimate state interest of Russian Federation. In addition, it once more emphasizes the Georgia will again act in accordance with own legitimate interest in future and will not admit interference in its internal affairs, violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity. Parliament of Georgia realizes that international terrorism and aggressive separatism poses threat to small, as well as to big states and calls for the governments of both countries for constructive cooperation, based on common interests.

Regarding the abovementioned statement of the Duma of the Russian Federation of March 6, 2002 to take into consideration statements made by the Committee on Defense and Security of the Parliament of Georgia and faction “Socialist”.  


 March 20, 2002