Abkhazians Refuse to Hold Talks with Georgians After Series of Explosions

(Tbilisi, March 28, Civil Georgia) – Unrecognized government of Abkhazia refuses to negotiate with the Georgian side accusing Tbilisi in masterminding series of bomb blasts in Abkhazia on March 27.

Georgian side proposed Abkhazians to hold talks on March 29.

At least one died and several were wounded after the as a minimum of four separate explosions in the area of Ochamchira port on the Black Sea.

Breakaway Abkhazia claims Georgian special forces together with the Georgian guerrillas engineered explosions.

Tbilisi officials deny accusation. Georgian Foreign Minister Irakli Menagarishvili does not rule out that terrorist acts were the part of the large-scale provocation aiming Georgia’s involvement in the armed conflict.

Before the explosions, on March 26 Georgian Defense Minister Davit Tevzadze announced that provocation is prepared against Georgia, which considers aggravation of situation in breakaway Abkhazia, followed by attacks on Russian peacekeepers deployed in the conflict zone.

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