Russian Military Convoy Case Under Investigation

(Tbilisi, April 5, Civil Georgia) – Georgian Defense Ministry reports on April 5 that two vehicles of the Group of Russian Troops in Trans-Caucasus had no documentation and broke law while moving on the Georgian territory without informing Georgian officials.

Two military vehicles together with the divers were detained by the Georgian soldiers late on April 3 in Mtskheta district near Georgian capital Tbilisi.

According to the Georgian Defense Ministry’s preliminary information goods transported by the vehicles does not correspond to the documentation presented by the drivers.

Georgian side waits for representatives of Russian military prosecutor’s office to arrive. After arrival the both sides will jointly inspect the vehicles. 

The commander of the Group of Russian Troops in Trans-Caucasus Major-General Nikolay Zolotov told the Russian news agencies that the incident was a provocation.

He said that Group of Russian Troops in Trans-Caucasus has to inform Georgian Defense Ministry about movement of convoy in advance only if it consists of more than 20 vehicles.