Georgia Denies Attacks on Russian Peacekeepers

Commander of Georgian peacekeepers battalion Klimenti Tevzadze denies that Russian peacekeepers’ checkpoints were attacked.

Georgian side says that Russian peacekeepers’ report on attacks is disinformation.

Tbilisi-based head of Abkhazian government in exile Tamaz Nadareishvili stated today that so called attacks on Russian peacekeepers is the part of provocation against Georgia.

Meanwhile, Russian peacekeeping forces are on to high alert, Russian media sources report on April 7 quoting commander of peacekeeping troops Major-General Aleksandr Evteev.

Abkhazian side claims that Georgian guerrillas group Forest Brothers carried out attacks on Russian peacekeepers.

Georgian guerrillas announced about ceasefire early in February till summer in order not to hinder peace process.

Major-General Aleksandr Evteev says that the attacks aim threatening of Russian peacekeepers and hampering implementation of April 2 protocol, according to which Georgian side should pull out its troops from upper reaches of Kodori gorge.

On March Georgian Defense Minister predicted aggravation of situation in the conflict zone. He said that provocation is being prepared against Georgia.

According to Tevzadze provocation considers attacks against the Russian peacekeepers in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone that will result involvement of Georgia into armed conflict.