US Finalizing Details of Military Assistance to Georgia

US Air Force Brig. Gen. John W. Rosa stated at the news briefing in Pentagon on April 10, that the only details of US military advisers arrival to Georgia are left to be solved.

“The concept has been approved, but the final details, numbers, and dates have not yet been approved. We haven’t finalized that to the secretary [Donald Rumsfeld] at this time,” Gen. John W. Rosa said.

Georgian President Shevardnadze stated at the briefing on April 8 that the US military instructors are to arrive to Georgia within a week. John W. Rosa confirmed the information.

US military trainers are to prepare Georgia anti-terrorist units to crack down on criminals and terrorist hiding in Georgia’s lawless Pankisi gorge.

Approximately 1500 Georgia soldiers will be prepared. Training is the part of the US Train-and-Equip program, which casts $64 million.

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