Georgian Defense Minister Says US Trained Troops not to Be Used in Abkhazia

(Tbilisi, May 8, – “We don’t have any reason to deploy troops there [breakaway Abkhazia] because until there are resources for peaceful settlement of the conflict, at least in the nearest future, we will not be try to come to a military resolution of the problem,” Davit Tevzadze, Georgian Defense Minister stated at the news briefing in Pentagon on May 7.

Tevzadze commented on the fears of Abkhazian side that the US trained anti-terrorism units will be used in the military operation in breakaway Abkhazia.

Lt. General Tevzadze is visiting Washington for consultations with leading US officials on the Train-and-Equip program and other issues.  On May 7 Tevzadze met his American counterpart Donald Rumsfeld.


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