US Defense Secretary Advisor in Georgia

(Tbilisi, May 10, – Otar Shalikashvili, a chief advisor of the US Defense Secretary for US-Georgian military cooperation arrived in Georgia on May 9.

Otar Shalikashvili arrived in Georgia together with Davit Tevzadze, Georgian Defense Minister, who paid 10-day visit to the United States.

US Defense Secretary advisor will supervise implementation of the Train-and-Equip program for the Georgian troops. After the visit Otar Shalikashvili is to present report on the program implementation to the Pentagon leadership.

Davit Tevzadze stated that the group of 75 US military trainers would arrive in Georgia on May 20.

US Special Operations Command Europe [SOCEUR] site survey team has already completed coordination of the Train-and-Equip program’s logistical requirements.

Up to 150 US military trainers will prepare Georgian anti-terrorist units.