Parliament Dismisses Chairman of Committee on Defense

(Tbilisi, May 10, – 118 MPs voted today for the dismissal of Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security Giorgi Baramidze, 27 MPs were against.

Giorgi Baramidze, Citizens’ Union of Georgia faction member, refused to resign and stated at the Parliamentary session today that the new Parliamentary majority is formed and this pro-Presidential majority tries to control the Parliament.

All the Parliamentary Committee Chairmen resigned on May 10 after the MPs initiated to discuss issue of redistribution of the Parliamentary posts.

The New Rights faction was the initiator of this proposal. Zurab Zhvania’s supporters claim that the New Rights lead the pro-Presidential Parliamentary majority.

After the voting on Baramidze’s resignation, member of Zhvania’s team Davit Tkeshelashvili stated that the results of the voting proves that the new Parliamentary majority is formed, which should take political responsibility for the future developments in the country.