Incident at the Central Election Commission

(Tbilisi, May 13, – Supporters of Levan Mamaladze, influential governor of Kvemo Kartli region blocked the Central Election Commission’s [CEC] building and did not let the MPs from Zurab Zhvania’s team in the CEC office on May 13.

CEC is to discuss at the meeting today the issue of composition of Tbilisi district election commissions. On May 8 CEC had to change its previous decision on the composition of the district commission after the pressure from some of political parties [the New Rights, Revival, Industrialists].

These parties claimed that the district commissions were formed in favor of former Parliamentary Chairman Zurab Zhvania’s team that was inadmissible for them. 

Supporters of Levan Mamaladze, who leads the pro-Presidential faction of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia, are against of the participation of supporters of Zurab Zhvania in the meeting of the CEC as they claim that Zhvania’s team members might influence on the CEC’s final decision.


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