State Minister Informed MPs on Budget of 2001

(Tbilisi, May 15, – Today State Minister Avtandil Jorbenadze informed the MPs concerning the process of fulfilling the budget of 2001.

The State Minister admitted that the fulfillment was not satisfactory and expressed hope that the structural changes in the government, which considers merge of Finance and Tax Revenue Ministries and further reduce of governmental structures in number, would improve budgetary fulfillment.

After the Minister’s report leader of the Traditionalists Parliamentary faction expressed surprise that the State Minister’s report caused no astonishment among the MPs.

Asatiani stated at the Parliamentary session, that the State Ministers report was too general, and called the deputies to give a negative evaluation to the fulfillment of the 2001 budget.

MPs will hold voting and evaluate government’s activity in respect of the fulfillment of the 2001 budget.