Reformers Want to Investigate Incident at CEC

(Tbilisi, May 15, – Reformers’ faction of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia [CUG], led by Zurab Zhvania request the Parliament to adopt a statement appealing to the law enforcement agencies to investigate incident of May 13 at the Central Elections Commission [CEC].

On May 13 supporters of Levan Mamaladze, who leads the pro-Presidential group of the CUG, blocked the CEC office and did not let Zhvania’s supporter in, that led to the quarrel between the opposing factions of the CUG.

On May 15 MPs Gela Kvaratskhelia and Irakli Gogava, supporters of Levan Mamaladze stated at the news briefing that Mamaladze’s team will continue ‘fight’ for the CUG “only in the court and not in the street”.