US Military Trainers in Georgia

(Tbilisi, May 20, Civil Georgia) – Group of 70 US military specialists arrived from Germany to Georgia on May 19. 50 of them are military instructors and other 20 are technical specialists. In the upcoming days they will get acknowledged with the terms of their activities in Georgia.

Col. Robert Waltmeyor, heading the US military instructors, told the journalists that the actual training activities will start on May 27.The instructors will train Georgian Armed Forces and the General Staff officers who will lead antiterrorist operations later on.

According to Waltmeyor,  heads of the antiterrorist divisions will be trained for 2 months and the basic line of the train-and-equip program will start afterwards in August.

Waltmeyor also stated that the US instructors will be replaced by others as the program develops. He also went on to say that utmost 150 instructors will be present in Georgia simultaneously and the Train-and-Equip program will last for 21 months in total.

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