MP Candidate Talks on Unfair Election Campaign

(Tbilisi, May 28, Civil Georgia) – MP candidate in Georgia’s provincial Mtskheta constituency Koba Buchukuri stated today at the news briefing that police and the regional administration is illegally involved in the pre-election campaign of the candidates.

Koba Buchukuri, who is the former governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, says that regional police and administration assists Badri Khatidze, anther MP candidate.

“My supporters are under constant pressure from the police,” Koba Buchukuri stated.

By-election in Mtskheta constituency is scheduled for June 2. Only Koba Buchukuri and Badri Khatidze run for the MP in this constituency.

Both of the candidates are former high officials and both of them were sacked for the same – tax evasion – charges.

Badri Khatidze was Head of the President’s Regional Management Service.