Government Blames CEC for Disorganized Locals

(Tbilisi, June 3, Civil Georgia) – Georgian State Minister Avtandil Jorbenadze stated today at the government’s meeting that Central Election Commission [CEC] is responsible for the disorders during the local self-governance elections on June 2.

In Rustavi, Zugdidi, Khashuri, towns as well as in several other constituencies of the different towns elections were canceled. In Tbilisi thousands of the voters were unable to vote, as their names were not included in the electorates’ lists.

Jorbenadze said that all the parties during the elections were in the equal position because the government’s favorite political group did not participate in the elections.

Jumber Lominadze, Chairman of the CEC said, while commenting the State Minister’s statement that he warned the President before the locals that it would be better to postpone elections as many of the organizational issues were not settled.

“Government wanted from us to make work that required minimum a month, in a week, that is impossible,” Lominadze told the Rustavi 2 TV channel on June 3.